Philip Chism Sentenced To At Least 40 Years For Rape, Murder Of Colleen RitzerTeenager Philip Chism was sentenced Friday to serve at least 40 years in prison for the rape and murder of Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer in 2013.
Ritzer Family Calls Chism Sentencing 'Unacceptable'The family of murder victim Colleen Ritzer said a recent decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court preventing judges from sentencing juvenile offenders to life in prison without parole must be changed.
Essex DA Wants Philip Chism In Prison For At Least 45 YearsIf the prosecution gets its way at sentencing Friday, convicted teenage killer Philip Chism will be in prison for at least 45 years.
Judge Sets Philip Chism Sentencing Date, Rules On Color Worn In CourtroomA judge has ruled that family and friends of a Massachusetts math teacher who was raped and killed by a 14-year-old student may wear pink at his sentencing, but prosecutors and law enforcement may not.
Lawyers In Philip Chism Trial Expected To Be Back Before JudgeProsecutors and lawyers for a teenager convicted of raping and killing his high school math teacher will be back before a judge to discuss his sentence.
Philip Chism Under Extra Security At Juvenile Detention CenterPhilip Chism was convicted of crimes more serious than most adult inmates, but since he’s only 16, he can’t go to a maximum security prison like other murderers.
Keller @ Large: Help Good Come From EvilHelp something good come out of one of our community's most evil crimes ever.
Philip Chism Found Guilty Of First-Degree MurderPhilip Chism has been convicted of first-degree murder, aggravated rape and armed robbery.
Danvers Residents Relieved After Guilty Verdict In Chism Murder TrialOn the streets of Danvers, there is still heartache and sadness over the horrific crime that happened inside their high school.
Jury Begins Deliberations In Philip Chism Murder TrialThe jury began deliberations Monday afternoon in the trial of Philip Chism, who is charged with murder in the 2013 death of Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer.
Colleen Ritzer Benefit Concert Held At Danvers High SchoolThe Danvers High School auditorium transformed into a full blown Holiday Pops concert on Sunday.