Setting The Record Straight On Colin Kaepernick As An NFL QuarterbackWith Roger Goodell admitting that the NFL was wrong with the way it handled players speaking out, it's time to honestly evaluate Colin Kaepernick as an NFL quarterback.
Roger Goodell Tacitly Admits That NFL Mishandled Colin Kaepernick Peaceful Protests ImproperlyA movement must be pretty strong in order to get Roger Goodell to admit he's done something wrong. The Black Lives Matter movement has now done just that.
Ranking The Funniest Options For Patriots At QuarterbackTom Brady's gone. Some folks don't want to laugh. For those that do, please consider these possibilities.
Hurley's Picks: Colin Kaepernick Debacle Showed Startling Number Of Football Fans Eager To Believe BillionairesIt was alarming to find so many people who seemed to have thought, "Hmm, after years of treating Colin Kaepernick like a criminal, it's nice to see the folks at the NFL have changed their stance and has decided to do something out of the goodness of their hearts. Very sweet of them."
Colin Kaepernick Holds Workout In Front Of 8 Teams; Patriots Don't Attend After ChangeThe Patriots didn't take a look at polarizing quarterback Colin Kaepernick, after all.
Bill Belichick Offers No Comment On Patriots' Attendance At Colin Kaepernick WorkoutWith the NFL confirming that the Patriots will send an employee to Atlanta to watch the workout, the head coach was asked what he remembered most about Kaepernick's playing style during his time in the NFL. Belichick very quickly shifted into "no comment" mode.
Tom Brady Expresses Support For Colin Kaepernick: 'Pretty Cool He's Getting That Opportunity'Many NFL players have voiced their support for Kaepernick over the last few days, and you can add Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to that growing list.
NFL Confirms Patriots, 10 Other Teams Will Attend Colin Kaepernick's WorkoutIt was reported Wednesday that the New England Patriots would be among the teams checking out Colin Kaepernick's workout this weekend. That has now been confirmed by the league.
Report: Patriots Will Attend Colin Kaepernick's WorkoutSeveral teams are at least interested enough to send representatives to Atlanta for the workout, and that list includes the New England Patriots.
Colin Kaepernick To Hold Workout For NFL Teams In AtlantaThe dynamic dual threat who was once considered the future of the quarterback position may actually get his chance to return to the NFL.
Report: Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid Receive Less Than $10 Million In Collusion SettlementThe amount is a whole lot less than most people speculated or assumed when the settlement was reached in February.