Hay Fever On The Rise Due To Climate ChangeA new study finds changes in the timing of spring is linked to more allergies across the U.S.
Maine Science Center To Study Global Warming Impact On Cod, LobsterThe National Science Foundation is awarding nearly $800,000 to an ocean science center in Maine.
Markey, Ocasio-Cortez Seek Green New Deal To Address Climate ChangeRep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is teaming up with veteran Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts on the plan, which aims to eliminate the U.S. carbon footprint by 2030.
Climate Change Not A Partisan Issue, Baker Tells CongressRepublican Gov. Charlie Baker has told a congressional panel that climate change is not a partisan issue, at least not in Massachusetts.
Boston Announces 'Resilient Boston Harbor' Plan To Protect City Against Rising Waters, Climate ChangeBoston's mayor is proposing transforming the city's booming but low-lying waterfront to protect it from climate change and rising sea levels.
Climate Change To Cause Global Beer Shortage, Study SaysNew research says global warming will bring a sharp rise in the price of a pint.
Climate Change Is Making Your Allergies WorseThe American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology says climate change is causing allergy seasons to last longer.
Keller @ Large: Time To Take Climate Change SeriouslyJon says if this season of horrendous storms isn't a wakeup call to drop the politics and take climate change seriously, what will it take?
New Miss America Not Afraid To Say Trump Is Wrong On Climate ChangeCara Mund is not worried that she may begin her year-long reign as Miss America by starting a Twitter war with the nation's Tweeter-In-Chief.
Harvard Study: Clean Air Can Have Deadly Consequences There is a lot of talk about climate change but we often forget that the same pollutants warming the earth are also making it hard for us to breathe. 
Debate Heats Up Over Teaching Climate Change In SchoolsConservative lawmakers, climate change doubters and others are attempting to push rejected or debunked theories into the classroom.