Mass. Lawmakers Send Climate Change Bill Back To BakerA key element to the bill is creating a net-zero greenhouse gas emission limit by 2050.
Energy And A Changing Climate: New England Clean Energy Supplier Says Learn From Texas DisasterThe largest producer of clean energy in New England said what happened in Texas has been a disaster on many fronts.
Gov. Charlie Baker Vetoes Sweeping Climate Change BillGov. Charlie Baker vetoed a sweeping climate change bill Thursday, just days after top Democratic lawmakers on Beacon Hill vowed to immediately refile and pass it again if the Republican refused to sign the legislation.
Gov. Baker Joins Other States To Sign Pact To Help Reduce Transportation PollutionsThe governors of three New England states and the mayor of Washington, D.C., have signed a regional pact aimed at dramatically reducing transportation pollution.
President-Elect Biden Names John Kerry As Climate Envoy On National Security CouncilPresident-elect Joe Biden named former Massachusetts senator and Secretary of State John Kerry to a role on his National Security Council.
Massachusetts Just Had Its Hottest Summer On Record, Climate Report SaysThe contiguous United States experienced its fourth-hottest summer between June and August.
Climate Change Impacting New England's Maple Syrup IndustrySyrup producers have noticed the timing of collecting sap has been very inconsistent in the last 10-15 years.
New England States To Regulate Group Of Industrial Chemicals In Effort To Ease Climate ChangeThe governors of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine say they're planning new regulations to reduce the use of a group of industrial chemicals primarily used in cooling.
Massachusetts Senate Introduces Major Climate Change Policy BillMassachusetts state lawmakers are taking a major step to address climate change. The state Senate has introduced a climate change policy package which will be up for debate next week. 
No Better Place Than Blue Hill To Track Warmest Decade Ever In Boston AreaWhen it comes to weather record-keeping, there is no place better in the U.S. than Blue Hill Observatory, the nation’s oldest continuously run climate site.
Rain And Snow Extremes Evidence Of Changing Boston ClimateWhen it rains, it pours. That has become particularly true as the climate warms up.