Massachusetts Just Had Its Hottest Summer On Record, Climate Report SaysThe contiguous United States experienced its fourth-hottest summer between June and August.
Climate Change Impacting New England's Maple Syrup IndustrySyrup producers have noticed the timing of collecting sap has been very inconsistent in the last 10-15 years.
New England States To Regulate Group Of Industrial Chemicals In Effort To Ease Climate ChangeThe governors of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine say they're planning new regulations to reduce the use of a group of industrial chemicals primarily used in cooling.
Massachusetts Senate Introduces Major Climate Change Policy BillMassachusetts state lawmakers are taking a major step to address climate change. The state Senate has introduced a climate change policy package which will be up for debate next week. 
No Better Place Than Blue Hill To Track Warmest Decade Ever In Boston AreaWhen it comes to weather record-keeping, there is no place better in the U.S. than Blue Hill Observatory, the nation’s oldest continuously run climate site.
Rain And Snow Extremes Evidence Of Changing Boston ClimateWhen it rains, it pours. That has become particularly true as the climate warms up.
Lobster, Ticks, Sea Levels Indicate Warming Climate In New EnglandThe best way to demonstrate climate change, might just be looking outside.
UMass-Lowell Climate Scientist Concerned About Unusual Record WarmthA UMass-Lowell climate professor weighs in on record-setting warmth in the area this weekend.
Climate Change Protesters In Boston Call For Action At State House, 27 ArrestedA large group of protesters marched in Boston Friday morning calling for action on climate change. The group started in Copley Plaza and arrived at the State House around noon. 
Warming Waters Spell More Bad News For New England ShrimpNew data show the species is still in bad shape.
Boston Next: Developers And City Planners Bracing For Climate ChangeA grim report from UN scientists is raising concerns about what is coming if something isn’t done to slow global warming.  The report is predicting a three feet rise in sea level by the end of the century.