NightSide - Fr. Schuller Has Been Banned By The Catholic ChurchBut NightSide opens its doors to anyone who would like to have a rational and civilized conversation.
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Ex-Top Catholic Official In New Hampshire Accused Of Misusing Church MoneyThe leader of one of the nation's top clergy treatment centers resigned Monday over allegations involving an inappropriate adult relationship and misuse of church funds in New Hampshire, where he previously served in numerous leadership positions with the Diocese of Manchester.
A New Pope - A New Era!
Boston Archdiocese Announces 1st Phase Of Overhaul The Roman Catholic archdiocese on Thursday released the list of its first 12 "collaboratives," which include 28 parishes covering a geographic spread, from Weymouth to Billerica.
Keller @ Large: Cardinal Sean O'MalleyCardinal Sean O'Malley spoke with WBZ in an exclusive one-on-one interview, his first on broadcast TV in years.
Keller @ Large: One-On-One With Cardinal Sean O'MalleyCardinal Sean O'Malley spoke with WBZ in an exclusive one-on-one interview, his first on broadcast TV in years.
Opinion: Churches Shouldn't Be The Next Super PACsIt is time to end the tax exempt status of religious organizations that advocated for a partisan candidate.
Ballot Question 2: Should Mass. Allow Physician-Assisted Suicide?Question Two would allow a terminally ill patient to request medication from a doctor to end his or her life.
Gay Couple Sues Worcester Diocese For Refusing To Sell Mansion To ThemA gay couple has sued the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester for allegedly refusing to sell them a Northbridge mansion because church officials were concerned they would host gay weddings at the site.
Chick-fil-A, Rham Emanuel And Tommy Meninodo the people forget the Chicago mayor used to work for a guy who vehemently opposed gay marriage? True....his name was Barack Obama. Yes I know, that guy did a flip-flop on the issue when an election dictated it but he used to be against gay marriage. And third.....let's try to think of another organization that might be looking for space in Boston or Chicago that opposes gay marriage; How 'bout the Catholic church?
Exclusive: Gay Couple Says Church Is Blocking Sale Of Historic HomeA gay couple says the Diocese of Worcester will not sell them a historic home because "of the potentiality of gay marriages there."
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Cardinal O'Malley Pushes For Contraception SolutionCardinal Sean O'Malley is continuing to push to resolve a dispute between the Obama administration and the Catholic church about covering contraception in health care plans.
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