Women Who Quit Drinking Alcohol May Have Better Mental Well-BeingA new study finds that quitting alcohol could improve a woman's quality of life.
Morning People May Have Lower Breast Cancer Risk, Study SuggestsWomen who said they preferred to get out of bed early were found to have a lower risk of breast cancer than those who stay up late.
Breast Cancer Research Foundation To Hold 14th Annual Boston Hot Pink PartyThe Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s 14th Annual Boston Hot Pink Party will be held on April 23, 2019.
Surgery Tied To 44% Increased Survival In Women With Advanced Breast CancerSurgery is tied to improved chances of survival among stage 4 breast cancer patients, a new study suggests.
New Tool Calculates Breast Cancer Risk With Greater PrecisionAn online calculator that could enable doctors to more accurately predict a patient's chance of developing breast cancer.
Boston Breast Cancer Program Identifies & Helps Women At Increased RiskMany women are at increased risk for breast cancer, but don't know what to do about it. Now a local program is helping identify women at risk, then give ongoing support and counseling to help reduce it.
New Technique Helps Women Protect Heart During Breast Cancer TreatmentFor women battling breast cancer, treatment can sometimes harm their hearts.
Breast Cancer Gene Also Linked To Prostate And Pancreatic CancersA Massachusetts woman is sharing her story because she wants people to learn about their family’s cancer history and to dispel the myth that men don’t have to worry about these genes.
Breast Cancer Testing Guidelines Outdated, Study SaysApproximately 330,000 patients are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the United States and of these cases, an estimated 10% are likely due to hereditary causes the study author said.
Women Who Are Early Risers Have Lower Risk Of Breast Cancer, Says New StudySleep is likely to be an important risk factor for breast cancer, new research suggests.
Centro: Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018WBZ’s Yadires Nova-Salcedo talks with Sarah Peterson and Dr. Milagros Abreu on the English version of Centro, and with Magnolia Contreras and Dra. Milagros Abreu on the Spanish version.