TTYM: Watch NBA Players Read 'Mean Tweets' About Themselves And The Dumbest Quote By An Athlete Ever?
Opinion: Bob Costas, Nobody Cares What You Think AnywayThanks to Bob Costas following the Jovan Belcher tragedy, it's apparent that there is no occasion in which a liberal-minded high-profile personality in society thinks that their opinion is unwelcome.
NightSide Weekend Commentary - Bob Costas Missed The PointDon't miss NightSide, weeknights at 8 on WBZ NewsRadio 1030.
Gresh & Zo: Bobby V. Throwing People Under The BusGresh and Zo kicked things off at CBS Scene at Gillete Stadium talking about Tuesday night's interview with Bobby Valentine about his one season with the Red Sox.
Tomassi On Toucher & Rich: Is Farrell The Savior For The Sox?John Tomassi of the Boston Herald joined Toucher & Rich to discuss Bobby Valentine's comments about David Ortiz and thoughts on the job that John Farrell will do as the new Red Sox manager.
Bobby Valentine Can Go Away ... If You Just Ignore HimBobby Valentine, at his core, really wants two things. He wants to be loved, and he wants attention.
Bobby Valentine Says David Ortiz Shut It Down After Blockbuster TradeBobby Valentine says David Ortiz spent more time than expected on the disabled list before playing one game and then returning to it after the team made a major trade that signaled it would not compete for a postseason berth.
Gresh & Zo: Shaughnessy On SanduskyDan Shaughnessy shared his thoughts on the Jerry Sandusky interview.
Gresh & Zo: Why Would Sandusky Talk?Why would Jerry Sandusky go on national television to talk about his scandal?
Gresh & Zo: Gresh Met Bob Costas Outside Of A BathroomAndy Gresh talks about running into Bob Costas at Gillette Stadium Sunday night.
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