Trendy 'Raw Water' Can Reportedly Give You Hepatitis, Other DiseasesA new health craze that has many people paying high prices for unfiltered water is also reportedly putting those people at risk for diseases like hepatitis and norovirus.
NH Warns Some Swimmers Of Poor Water QualitySome ponds and lakes are off limits to swimming because of algae blooms or bacteria from animal waste, though a state expert said Tuesday that this year has seen an average number of beach closures.
NH Closes Some Lakes And Ponds To Swimming Due To Algae Bloom, BacteriaThe state of New Hampshire has posted some ponds and lakes off limits to swimming because of algae blooms or bacteria from animal waste.
Broad Institute Announces Collaboration With AstraZenecaThe collaboration is aimed at targeting dangerous bacterial infections that don't react to existing drugs.
Parts Of Lake Quinsigamond Closed To SwimmingParts of Lake Quinsigamond have been closed to swimming and fishing over health concerns.
Ipswich Repoens All Five Beaches After Bacteria TestsAt least on of the public beaches in Ipswich have been shut down, just as a long stretch of oppressive heat is beginning.
Homeland Security To Test Biological Sensors In MBTA TunnelsFederal officials say they test the subway sensors by releasing dead bacteria called B-subtilis.
Research Shows Public Restrooms Are Dirtier Than You ThinkExperts are releasing their findings on research they did on the amount of germs found in public restrooms. And it's pretty disgusting.