Light Show: Aurora Borealis Should Be Visible In Northern New England This Labor Day WeekendThose in Maine and Vermont should keep an eye to the night sky.
Aurora Borealis Lights Up New England SkiesThe northern lights put on a stunning show in parts of New England Thursday night.
Northern Lights Put On A Show In New EnglandShades of green and purple from the aurora borealis could be seen from the area of Sugarloaf Mountain to York Beach.
Northern Lights Dazzle In New England SkiesThe aurora borealis could be seen much farther south than usual thanks to a severe solar storm.
Major Solar Storm Hits Earth, Pulls Northern Lights SouthForecasters had predicted a glancing blow instead of dead-on hit.
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A Possibility Of Seeing Northern Lights This WeekendThis weekend you will have another shot for viewing Aurora Borealis, but do not get your hopes up.
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Northern Lights May Be Visible From New England After Solar StormThe sun is bombarding the Earth with the biggest solar storm since October 2003 and is causing the night sky to light up with Aurora Borealis.