'It Was Heart-Wrenching': After Kabul Attack, Veteran Says It's Time To Bring Soldiers HomeThe attacks in Kabul were painful for families who call Afghanistan home and veterans who have already sacrificed so much.
'It Is Time To Leave': Mass. Lawmakers Say Evacuations Must Continue After Kabul AttackU.S. officials said at least 13 service members were killed in an explosion at an entry gate to Kabul's airport.
Keller @ Large: Moulton's Trip To Afghanistan Looks Like 'Especially Clueless' Publicity StuntWBZ-TV has confirmed that Moulton’s office misled Worcester Congressman Jim McGovern about why he needed McGovern to cast a proxy vote for him.
Seth Moulton's Secret Visit To Afghanistan Slammed As 'Irresponsible' By US OfficialsRep. Seth Moulton is facing heavy criticism from government officials over his secret trip to Afghanistan.
Afghans In Massachusetts Worry About Family Back Home Under Taliban Rule"Every time I think about them, I think what's going to happen to them."
'Massachusetts Is Ready To Assist Afghan Refugees,' Baker SaysMassachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said Tuesday that the state is ready to help refugees from Afghanistan.
'The Taliban Tried To Blow Up My Whole Family,' Local Afghans Worried For Those Desperate To Get OutAs the Taliban takes over Afghanistan, many are trying to get their family members out of the country.
'I'm In Shock': Gold Star Families, Veterans Gather For Vigil After Taliban Takes Over AfghanistanA last-minute candlelight vigil for veterans and supporters drew a small but emotional crowd Monday night, hours after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban.
Locals Who Served In Afghanistan Worried About Allies After Taliban TakeoverJohn Velis is now channeling his emotions into action by advocating on behalf of Afghan interpreters who helped the U.S. Military.
Patti Quigley Hopeful Mission To Educate Girls In Afghanistan Will ContinuePatti Quigley, executive director of Razia’s Rays of Hope, is hopeful her mission to educate and support girls in Afghanistan will continue.
U.S. Ambassador Leaves Afghanistan Embassy As Kabul Falls To TalibanMany quickly drew comparisons between the fall of Kabul — helicopters rumbling overhead evacuating American diplomats — to the aftermath of the Vietnam War.