Hurley's Picks: Aaron Rodgers COVID Case A Properly Bizarre Story In A Particularly Bizarre TimeAs soon as you let your guard down in the COVID era, you get walloped upside the head. Aaron Rodgers and his "immunized" self provided the latest thump.
Hurley's Picks: Tom Brady Amused By Aaron Rodgers' Ownership Stake In BearsYou simply have to admit that what Aaron Rodgers did last weekend was hysterical.
Hurley's Picks: Packers, Patriots Panic Meters On Opposite Ends Of SpectrumIt's panic time in some NFL cities, where starting 0-2 could end seasons before they ever got a chance to really begin. But the situation in, say, Green Bay, isn't the same as the one in New England.
Aaron Rodgers' Complaints Draw Parallels To Tom Brady's Patriots Situation At Same AgeAaron Rodgers very calmly laid out all of his issues with the Packers' front office. It sounded like something Tom Brady could've said about the Patriots seven or eight years ago.
It Sounds Like The Aaron Rodgers Situation With Packers Is On The Verge Of Blowing UpIt seems like the NFL world may indeed get turned on its head for a second straight year, with another all-time great quarterback in Aaron Rodgers seemingly having no plans to return to Green Bay.
Tom Brady Roasted With Belichick Zinger, Then Beaten In 'The Match' By Rodgers And DeChambeauTrash talk was flying well before The Match got underway. On the course, it was Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau who got the last laugh.
Tom Brady Once Again Twists The Knife On Aaron RodgersThe date for "The Match" -- featuring Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady vs. Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers -- is approaching. And the smack talk has begun.
Tom Brady Absolutely Roasts Aaron Rodgers On TwitterIt may be the offseason, but Tom Brady is at the top of his game. His Twitter game, that is.
Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady To Face Bryson DeChambeau, Aaron Rodgers In 'The Match'Phil Mickelson has gotten his wish to team up with Tom Brady again.
Aaron Rodgers Buying In To Tom Brady's TB12 MethodSports Illustrated's Albert Breer revealed that Rodgers has bought in to some of the message from Brady's TB12 Method.
Report: 'Disgruntled' Aaron Rodgers Doesn't Want To Return To PackersLast year, a monumental moment in NFL history took place when Tom Brady left the Patriots. This year, a similarly shocking move may be coming.