Hurley: Aaron Rodgers' Playoff Loss Means NFL MVP Curse (Likely) Lives On For Another YearIt appears as though the curse of winning the NFL MVP Award will live on for another year.
Jimmy Garoppolo's 49ers Shock Aaron Rodgers' Packers To Earn Spot In NFC Title GameFormer Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is now one win away from another Super Bowl appearance.
One Informal Poll Makes Aaron Rodgers Look Like NFL's Clear-Cut MVP Over Tom BradyFortunately for Aaron Rodgers, a test vote organized by Peter King shows that he doesn't have much to worry about in the MVP race.
Hurley's Picks: Aaron Rodgers, Packers Really Need To Win The Super Bowl This YearIt's now or never -- quite literally -- for Aaron Rodgers to win a Super Bowl with the Packers. If he can't do it now, his entire tenure will be a massive disappointment. That, plus Week 18 picks.
The Tom Brady-Aaron Rodgers MVP Debate Is Getting Spicy ... And A Little StupidThe MVP race has crystallized in a way that really reveals two true candidates for the award: Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.
Tom Brady Is Odds-On Favorite For NFL MVP Entering Week 12With Thanksgiving in the rear view, the NFL season is about to really begin. As the league preps for December and January, a familiar face stands alone as the odds-on favorite to win MVP: Tom Brady.
Hurley's Picks: Aaron Rodgers Doesn't Have COVID Toe, But We're All Worse Off For Knowing What It IsHere's some retaliation for all of the needless food fights taking place on Thanksgiving week.
Keller @ Large: NFL Fine Unlikely To Deter Aaron Rodgers' Misinformation CampaignJon Keller said Aaron Rodgers' misinformation campaign goes well beyond the confusion and hesitancy coming from other high-profile vaccine refusers.
Tom Brady Avoids Commenting On Aaron Rodgers' Vaccination SituationTom Brady -- outspoken in his newish home in Tampa -- still knows when it's best to keep his mouth shut. The Aaron Rodgers situation fits that bill.
Hurley's Picks: Aaron Rodgers COVID Case A Properly Bizarre Story In A Particularly Bizarre TimeAs soon as you let your guard down in the COVID era, you get walloped upside the head. Aaron Rodgers and his "immunized" self provided the latest thump.
Hurley's Picks: Tom Brady Amused By Aaron Rodgers' Ownership Stake In BearsYou simply have to admit that what Aaron Rodgers did last weekend was hysterical.