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Cheryl Fiandaca is the chief investigative reporter for the I-Team at WBZ-TV.

An award-winning broadcast journalist, Fiandaca joined WBZ-TV from the former NBC affiliate in Boston. Over the past several years, she has distinguished herself with her special brand of investigative journalism: getting exclusive interviews with newsmakers, uncovering information on breaking news stories and conducting wide-ranging investigations that have led to meaningful changes in government.

Fiandaca was a reporter for WABC-TV and WCBS-TV. She briefly stepped away from reporting in 2012 to become the spokesperson for the Boston Police Department.

An attorney, Fiandaca is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, New York and the District of Columbia. She earned a B.S. from Suffolk University and a J.D. from New England Law, both located in Boston.

You can connect with her on Twitter at @CherylFiandaca.

I-Team: Gun Holster May Have Played Role In Accidental Discharge After Officer’s Funeral

A Cranston, Rhode Island sergeant accidentally discharged his gun, injuring two MIT police officers.


I-Team: 2 Officers Injured By Accidental Gun Discharge After Sgt. Chesna’s Funeral

Two MIT police officers are lucky to be alive after a Rhode Island officer’s gun accidentally went off shortly after Weymouth Police Sgt. Michael Chesna’s funeral.


I-Team: Man Accused Of Killing Officer, Woman Was On Pre-Trial Probation

The 20-year-old accused of killing Officer Michael Chesna and an elderly woman has a history with Weymouth Police.


I-Team: Doctor At Boston Hospital Facing Sex Assault Charges

Boston Police have now charged a doctor at a major Boston hospital with sexually assaulting a female staffer.


I-Team: Father Arrested After Speaking To WBZ About Arrest Of Hockey Coach

Salem, NH Police have arrested a parent who spoke out about the controversial arrest of a youth hockey coach.


GPS Darts, Drones, Powerful Grid Of Cameras Helping Police Prevent & Crack Crimes

Since the September 11th attacks, police have been assessing terror threat levels and gathering intelligence from thousands of sources.


How Investigating Bombings And Threats Has Evolved Since The 1950’s

School shootings, terrorist bombings, cyber-attacks. Our security and ways to prevent these attacks has become an almost daily conversation. And while many assume this is a 21st century problem, people as far back as the 50’s knew what it was like to have an ordinary day turn violent.


I-Team: Law Change Would Add Coaches To List Of Mandated Reporters Of Sexual Abuse

In Massachusetts, many people who work with kids are required by law to report abuse and neglect. But that law doesn’t apply to private coaches.


I-Team: Transit Police Train For Active Shooter In Underground Facility

The I-Team got an exclusive look at the MBTA’s state of the art emergency training center where Transit Police prepare for an active shooter.


I-Team: Boston Doctor Accused Of Sexual Harassment Still On The Job

Several female employees at a Boston hospital claim a doctor sexually harassed them and the I-Team has learned, one woman claims the doctor sexually assaulted her outside of an operating room.


I-Team: Video Captures Controversial Arrest Of Youth Hockey Coach

Cell phone video captured the arrest of a youth hockey coach in Salem, New Hampshire who witnesses say did nothing wrong.


4 Teens Arrested For ‘Swerving’ Bicycles On Worcester Roads

Four boys were arrested for swerving their bicycles in traffic.


I-Team Investigation Uncovers Loophole In Sex Offender Registry Law

The names and faces of thousands of convicted sex offenders are being hidden from the public.


I-Team: Police Documents Reveal Troubled Past of Florida Shooting Suspect

Investigators in Florida now say police received approximately 20 calls related to Nikolas Cruz over the past few years.


I-Team: 3 Guns Stolen From Rob Gronkowski’s Foxboro Home

Police are investigating a burglary at Rob Gronkowski’s house in Foxboro.


In Lawsuit, State Trooper Says She Was Target Of Ex-Boyfriend’s Retaliation

A state trooper says she was the target of her ex-boyfriend’s retaliation and now she’s suing the department.


I-Team: Uber Drivers Back Behind The Wheel After Regulation Changes

More than 8,000 drivers failed the new state background checks when they were first put into place last year.


I-Team: Lawmakers Consider Animal Abuse Registry

State and federal officials are increasingly concerned about the number of serious animal abuse cases.


I-Team Helps Get School Placement For Deaf Taunton Student

Logan Parenteau was born with a serious medical issue that required surgery and eventually cost him his hearing.


I-Team Uncovers ‘Alarming’ State House Contract For Breastfeeding Mothers

The I-Team has uncovered a little-known State House policy that is not sitting well with new mothers.


I-Team: Kennel With History Of Complaints Fined Thousands For Poor Conditions

Laughlin Kennel in Oxford was the subject of an I-Team investigation in 2016, and conditions don’t appear to have gotten much better.


I-Team Helps Father Critically Injured by Drunk Driver Get Funds

The I-Team helped a father receive money from a state funded program after being denied to help him pay for medical bills and lost wages.


I-Team: Lowe’s New Home Improvement Deposit Policy Gives Customers Little Leverage

An attorney says paying nearly all the money on day one of a project gives customers little leverage if something goes wrong.


I-Team Investigation Exposes Flaw In Law Designed To Prevent Smoking-Related Fires

An I-Team investigation exposed a flaw in a law designed to prevent smoking-related fires.


I-Team Exclusive: Man Wrongly Accused In Notorious 1989 Murder Grants Rare Interview

It has been 28 years and Willie Bennett is still haunted by the memory of Charles Stuart.


Lowe’s Changes Contract Policy After I-Team Report

A WBZ I-Team investigation found that home improvement giant Lowe’s had a company policy that required customers to pay in full for home improvement contracts before any work began.


I-Team: Lowe’s 100% Upfront Deposit For Home Improvements Violated State Law

Lowe’s was requiring consumers to pay 100-percent upfront for home improvements and that violated Massachusetts law.


I-Team: Police Department To Use GPS Projectile To Avoid High-Speed Chases

A new technology allows officers to keep track of a fleeing suspect without the dangerous pursuit.


I-Team: Vegas Shooter Used Employee ID, Spent Thousands Gambling Over Last Few Days

Sources say Paddock was a guest at the hotel and used the employee ID card of a woman who sources referred to as his wife.