Mary Cogswell, Dick Cutting

(credit: Mary Cogswell, Dick Cutting)

Picture this… brick sidewalks hugging streets filled with children on the bicycles, white picket fences and church steeples. People sitting on their front porches waiving to you as you walk by, and when you look out into the distance, you see beautiful mountains providing a breathtaking landscape.

No, this is not from a story book, it;s Warner, New Hampshire — a town many would consider one of the hidden gems of the Granite State. If you are looking for a place to go that will show you what New England is all about, this little town pretty much sums it all up.

Warner is filled with many New England traditions: casual village shopping, lake beaches, bed and breakfasts and hiking trails, but these are only some of the wonders of the quaint little town.

Getting There

Miles from Boston (roundtrip): 168
Travel Time: About 1.5 hours

Mt. Kearsarge & The Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum

Also in Warner is the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum, where visitors can learn about Native American traditions, philosophy and art. The Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum is located on 100 acres of fields, wetlands and forest. The museum lies at the foot of Mt. Kearsarge, which is the home of Rollins State Park and beautiful hiking trails that will offer one of the most spectacular views New England can offer.

Mount Kearsarge is the highest point in Merrimack County and is the third tallest peak south of the White Mountains. Once at the summit of Mount Kearsarge, hikers can see the Green Mountains, Maine coasts and even the tallest buildings in Boston.

Main Street BookEnds

While traveling through Warner Village, you will happen upon a truly unique bookstore. Main Street BookEnds, honored by Yankee Magazine as a Must-See Bookstore, is located in a 200-year-old colonial house that has been part of the community for many years. Before Main Street BookEnds, the home was used as a blacksmith shop, a bank and a home for many families.

Attached to the bookstore is a renovated barn, now known as The Gallery. Here, you can view the works of local artists and artisans, catch a concert, take a Yoga classes or even loosen up with a good old barn dance!

New Hampshire Telephone Museum

Look no further than next door for your next adventure. The New Hampshire Telephone Museum is where visitors to Warner can discover 130 years of telephone history — and at a very reasonable price: $5 for adults, $3 for children, and kindergarteners are free! Visitor will get a hands-on experience — cranking old phones and connecting to an antique switchboard. You can even see a replica of the first telephone created by Alexander Graham Bell.

Yankee Farmer’s Market

Have you ever seen a bison before? Well, if not, look no further. Take a trip to Yankee Farmer’s Market and watch buffalo roam in beautiful pastures. Visitors to the farm can also check out the farm’s store, which features several local products, including fresh bison meats, homemade syrups, rubs and much more.

Warner is the perfect New England town. No too touristy, Warner provides a special treat for visitors and promises to be the highlight of their vacation.


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