Red Sox Raise Ticket Prices For 2019 SeasonGet ready to shell out some extra Benjamins to see the defending World Series champs.
A Slice Of Sully: The Great Manager Of The Year DebateShould Alex Cora have won AL Manager of the Year? Steve Burton and Scott Sullivan debate on the latest edition of "A Slice of Sully."
Red Sox Reward Alex Cora For World Series Win With Contract ExtensionThe Red Sox rewarded Alex Cora for bringing home a championship with an additional guaranteed year through the 2021 season.
One Writer Left Alex Cora Off His Manager Of The Year Ballot -- For Aaron BooneAlex Cora losing out on AL Manager of the Year is not a big deal. But if you want to make it a big deal, aim your anger at Nobuhiro Saito of the Nikkan Sports News.
Alex Cora Will Be Claiming His Manager Of The Year Award Tonight, Right?The World Series ended two weeks ago, but this is a pretty big week for a pair of Red Sox.
Jerry Remy Says Tests Show He's 'Cancer Free For Now And Hopefully Forever'Red Sox broadcast Jerry Remy shared some positive news about his battle with cancer on Saturday.
J.D. Martinez Becomes First Player To Win Silver Slugger At Two Positions In Same SeasonIn his first season in Boston, J.D. Martinez mashed no matter where he played for the Red Sox. Now he has two new trophies to add to his collection, and some MLB history to put on his resume.
Red Sox Apologize For Bill James' 'Inappropriate' Comments Calling All Players ReplaceableThe Red Sox apologized Thursday for comments made by team advisor Bill James, who drew the ire of many across the league when he called all players replaceable.