Hurley: New Report Stressing Carlos Beltran, Alex Cora As Main Drivers Behind Astros' Cheating Scandal Is Difficult To Fully BelieveThe story framed Beltran as a bully of sorts, with the helpless adults either playing for or managing the Astros unable to do anything except to go along with whatever sign-stealing operation Beltran told them to employ.
Patriots Sign Cornerback Lenzy PipkinsThe Patriots may not have firm plans at quarterback. But that's not going to stop them from signing Lenzy Pipkins.
Chris Jones Explains How Trash Talk Got Under Skin Of Tom Brady: 'You Need To [Bleeping] Retire'Chris Jones reveled in the fact that he became the rare player to really rankle the 42-year-old quarterback during his 20-year career.
Chargers, Philip Rivers Officially Agree To Split After 16 SeasonsIt's officially over for Philip Rivers and the Chargers.
Report: Patriots Comfortable With Letting Tom Brady Hit Free AgencyThere's an indication that the Patriots are comfortable to let Tom Brady hit free agency and see what his market is.
Is Sean Payton Wary Of Bill Belichick Making A Run At Taysom Hill For Patriots?Tom Brady's future? Undetermined. Drew Brees' future? Unknown. That situation may have both Sean Payton and Bill Belichick trying to predict the other's moves heading into free agency.
Michael Irvin Adds To Tom Brady Free Agency Chaos With Cowboys Rumor, Swift CouchingNaturally, when the words "Cowboys" and "Brady" are mentioned in the same sentence, people are going to react by lighting their hair on fire and running down the street. When the sentence is uttered by a Cowboys Hall of Famer who's presumably plugged in with the organization, you can multiply that reaction by three.
Tom Brady Absolutely Roasts Peyton Manning On Twitter Regarding QB's Golf GameTom Brady and Peyton Manning sure do love to roast each other. And if you're keeping a running tally at home, you'll have to add another mark for Brady.
Tom Brady Holds Impromptu Health Seminar On Instagram, Goes Silent When Asked Which Team He'll Play ForTom Brady showed that to be the case on Wednesday afternoon, when he had some free time while riding in a back seat through the streets of New York City. Brady decided to do a rapid question-and-answer session for everyone who sent in some questions a day earlier.
Julian Edelman Channels 'Say Anything' In Pitch To Keep Tom Brady With PatriotsJulian Edelman is under contract with the Patriots for the next two years. And he does not want to learn what life is like without his favorite quarterback.
Potential Genesis Of Tom Brady-Gisele Bundchen Nashville Rumors Is AbsurdA new report detailing the genesis of those rumors of Brady and/or Gisele Bundchen touring a school in Nashville shows just how absurd the entire situation has been (and will continue to be).