Nikolas Cruz, Gunman In Parkland School Shooting, Pleads Guilty To All Counts In 2018 MassacreIt's a day many in the Parkland community and across South Florida have been waiting for.
'I Can't Live With Myself Sometimes': Chilling Apology From Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz To Victims' Families After Guilty Plea"I love you. And I know you don't believe me. But I have to live with this every day. And it brings me nightmares. And I can't live with myself sometimes," Cruz said in court.
Racism Declared A Public Health Crisis In New York CityThe city's Board of Health passed a resolution recognizing the impact of racism on people's health during the pandemic, which magnified inequities in communities of color. 
Last Remaining Kmart In California To Close In DecemberCalifornia’s last remaining Kmart is closing before Christmas.
Magic Johnson On Unvaccinated NBA Players: ‘I'd Never Do That To My Teammates’Johnson says that players who go unvaccinated are “letting down” their teammates.
Magnificent Mile: More Trouble For Area That Was Once A Crown Jewel Of American RetailChicago Police have issued a formal warning after continued robberies on and around the city’s Magnificent Mile, at a time when stores continue to leave while others fight to stay in business after big pandemic hits.
Shipping Containers That Spent Weeks Aboard Ships Stuck At Ports Now Being Dumped In Nearby NeighborhoodsMany of the shipping containers that spent weeks onboard ships waiting to be unloaded are now being dumped in nearby neighborhoods once they're emptied.
'I’m Going To Donate It All': 5-Year-Old Sells His Pumpkins To Raise Money For OthersA pumpkin harvest is proving there is plenty of hope for our future. Meet a young man named Emmitt Cox whose giant gourds are no match for the size of his heart.
Supply Chain Delays Could Soon Leave Wine Glasses EmptySupply chain delays could soon leave your wine glasses empty, but the problem isn't the grapes, it's the packaging.
1 Dead, 2 Injured In Separate Falls During Phish Concert In San FranciscoOne person has died and two others were injured in separate falls during a concert at the Chase Center in San Francisco on Sunday night featuring the band Phish.
Good Samaritan Delivery Driver Helps Stabbing Victim -- Then Gets Struck With His Own Car By Thief“The cop is standing next to me. I said, ‘That guy's taking my car!' and then I ran over there … I was right in front of the car. He just floored it right into me and I literally rolled over the top, I fell off the back of my car,” Brandon Augst said.
New Climate Models Show Much Of Southern California UnderwaterClimate Central, a nonprofit organization, released models showing startling images of landmarks around the world, including a few parts of Southern California like Long Beach and Huntington Beach, being impacted by rising sea levels.
Woman Brings Family’s Lost Dog To Animal Hospital -- But Doesn't Return It To OwnersWhere is Wendy? She's the beloved pet of a family who has been searching for their missing dog who was last seen more than 10 days ago.
Turkey Farmers Say Shortage Of Workers Will Delay ProductionThe holidays are right around the corner, but the turkey company Butterball is concerned there may be a shortage in supply this year.
Bill Clinton Hospitalized At University of California, Irvine Medical Center: 'He Is On The Mend'Former president Bill Clinton is in the ICU with a urinary tract infection that spread to his bloodstream.