By Rachel Holt

PEABODY (CBS) — Dennis and Michele Feld have owned Evan’s Flower Shop in Peabody since 1984. They are hard at work during a busy stretch of in-person events.

“We finally had our first prom in March,” said Dennis, adding,” “It’s really busy. Everybody’s decided it’s time to celebrate.”

With prom season, Mother’s Day, and weddings, including 50 in the books for next year, they’re seeing a level of planning they’ve never seen before.

“We’re like the last step in the process. But today, girls are booking over a year ahead, they just got a call this week for 2024,” said Dennis.

Over at The Ultimate Women’s Apparel customers are shopping for purses, jewelry, and gowns.

“A lot of people know us for prom, we’re one of the largest prom stores in the country,” said owner Heather Siegel.

Siegel says after a tough two years, business is back to what it was pre-pandemic.

“Girls are walking in for proms and they’re just so excited. There haven’t been proms for two years so they’re so excited that their prom is going to happen this year,” said Siegel.

“I didn’t really get a full prom last year. We had masks. Everywhere I went I had to shop and wear a mask. We had a little something but it wasn’t anywhere near a full prom. It’s really exciting to be in-person shopping,” said customer Jaiden Williams.

The Ultimate has been in business for over 50 years, and with over 20,000 dresses in the store, they say business has been booming so far this year for lots of different occasions.

“Weddings, quinceaneras, parties, all different events, people are actually going bigger and bigger. They’re so excited that they can have the event that the guest lists are growing,” said Siegel.

The best part for Siegel? The enthusiasm of her customers ahead of a big event.

“The excitement just generates between everyone. It’s a great time,” said Siegel.

Rachel Holt