By Staff

BURLINGTON (CBS) – A man has life-threatening injuries after he was shot by police in Burlington shortly after noon on Sunday, Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan said.

Officers were first responded to the Lord Baron Apartments on Baron Park Lane after a man, in his forties, called 911 and said he was having mental health issues and had a knife.

Police were told to wait outside the apartment by their cruisers until supervisors, the fire department, and EMS arrived, Ryan said. In the meantime, the man came out of his apartment and ran toward the officers while holding a knife.

Officers commanded the man to stop but he did not so the first officer discharged a “less than lethal weapon,” Ryan said. “That projectile from that weapon was unsuccessful in stopping the man. He continued to advance rapidly, still wielding their knife.”

At that point, the second officer shot their gun and struck the man. He was treated at the scene and then taken to a local hospital. His identity has not been released as this time.

Ryan said the man moved to Burlington in July of last year and is not known to police.

One officer suffered minor injuries to the head after a fall. Both officers were taken to local hospitals and have since been released.

According to Ryan, the entire incident was recorded by the 911 dispatcher since the man remained on the phone.

The shooting is under investigation. Staff