BOSTON (CBS) — Hype videos are generally inoffensive pieces of media. They exist to fire up the fans of a particular team and/or athlete, and that’s about it.

But once in a blue moon, they do backfire. Tom Brady and the Patriots learned that at the end of the 2019 season.

On the day of the Patriots’ playoff game against the Titans, Brady posted a hype video on social media. In it, Brady was the lion, the king of the jungle. His opponents — in this case the Titans — were jackals and hyenas who were “barking at him, laughing at him.”

Turns out, the Titans didn’t really like being called hyenas. And old friend Mike Vrabel used that video to let his players know what the opposing QB thought about them.

It was a reminder to Brady that hype videos can occasionally do more harm than good.

So in his latest hype video, a self-aware Brady breaks the fourth wall and gets real about his hesitancy to get back into the game.

“You think we need another hype video?” Brady asks someone off camera. “The hyenas one … remember that? That didn’t really work out.”

The video then showed a sullen Brady on the Patriots’ sideline, late in that loss to the Titans.

But Brady decides to go for it, staring directly into the camera. Instead of relying on an epic narrator to tell some tale, he takes care of that job himself.

“All right, look. It’s pretty simple,” Brady says. “Nobody is satisfied we’re here. This team, these coaches, this family we’ve built, it only happens once. That’s what you play for — to keep that alive for one more game. All that matters is we’ve got a football game this weekend. So, ready Tampa?”

That one certainly gets the job done without insulting the opponent.

Brady and the Eagles open their Super Bowl defense on Sunday against the Eagles. Staff