By Staff

DORCHESTER (CBS) – Boston Police are looking for the driver of an SUV who crashed into a nail salon in Dorchester and then took off.

It happened around 9 p.m. Monday at Happy Nails on Washington Street.

A police spokesperson told WBZ-TV a Mercedes SUV hit a car and, while exchanging information with the other driver, the Mercedes driver tried to take off, but slammed into the front of the shop. A witness started recording the scene on a phone as the driver backed up out of the building, hit a stone wall across the street and sped away.

Debris was scattered all over the sidewalk and throughout the salon, which was closed at the time. Officers blocked off the area with police tape overnight.

Brittany Morgan’s parents own the building.

“I’m very sad for them because with COVID and quarantining and all that stuff, people lost a lot of money as a small business owner,” Morgan said Tuesday. “You’re just getting back on your feet for you to basically lose everything.”

“I’m not going to say I’m shocked or surprised, but it’s like you’re disappointed because now you have to do all this cleanup work,” she told reporters.

Morgan hopes the video will help police track the driver down.

“You know you were wrong and now it’s like you leave people to clean up your own mess,” she said. Staff