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BOSTON (CBS) — Brad Marchand is not done voicing his displeasure with the NHL’s decision to back out of the 2022 Winter Olympics. The Bruins forward, who would have gotten his first Olympic experience in February, is still pretty miffed that he won’t be playing for Team Canada in Beijing.

The NHL has postponed 70 games due to COVID-19 outbreaks among a number of teams, and backed out of the Olympic games in Beijing in order use the built-in Olympic break in February to make up those contests. That goes against the Collective Bargaining Agreement, in which the NHL and NHLPA agreed to allow players to play in the 2022 and 2026 Winter Olympics.

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Marchand tweeted out his thoughts on the matter on Tuesday, questioning how the NHL and NHLPA could make amends to the CBA to add taxi squads to help fill NHL rosters that are missing players because of COVID-19, while refusing to do just that during the Olympics.

“The NHL and NHLPA can change the rules of the cba to add a taxi squad so that they don’t miss any games and don’t lose any money… which has already been agreed upon that the players will pay back in escrow until the owners are made whole from what they have lost during this pandemic, regardless of how many games are missed… Yet they can’t do a taxi squad during The Olympics so they can honor the agreement they made so the NHL players can go [to the Olympics],” wrote Marchand. “Please tell me that’s not [baloney].

(Marchand obviously did not use “baloney” in his Tweet.)

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“And for all of you who want to pipe back about forfeiting pay while being gone… yah not a problem,” Marchand added. “Let the players make their choice.”

Marchand is not alone, either. Bruins teammates Charlie McAvoy, Patrice Bergeron and David Pastrnak have all voiced their annoyance with the NHL’s decision, and each have said that they still would have gone to Beijing despite pandemic concerns if given the opportunity.

Not even having a chance to say yes or no to an Olympic trip stings a little more for Marchand, who is likely missing his last chance to play for Canada in the Olympics. He will be 37 when it comes time for the 2026 Winter Games, and though it’s possible, making the team at that point in his career would be a big challenge.

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So you can understand why he’s not at all happy about the NHL’s decision, and why he continues to voice his displeasure with the league. Staff