By Staff

DANVERS (CBS) – Officials in Danvers say homophobic graffiti at the softball field on Pickering Street, found on Sunday, is just the latest in a string of incidents that have been plaguing the town since November.

“On a moving forward basis, the Town will no longer issue statement after statement every time a similar incident is discovered and/or reported. Our fear is that the constant attention created by doing so is simply encouraging more of the same, which in some cases simply may be attention-seeking and in others truly may be statements of hate intended to do harm,” officials said in a prepared statement signed jointly by town and school officials.

However, that doesn’t mean the town will do nothing. Police will continue to investigate the incidents. The School Department is also taking steps with programming to address equity and inclusion, which it detailed at a recent Human Rights & Inclusion Committee meeting. The town is also partnering with local organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League of Boston and North Shore NAACP, and recruiting for a new position – Director of Equity and Inclusion.

Also, the town said it’s asking parents to talk to their children about homophobic and racist speech. Staff