By Zinnia Maldonado, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Some people Tuesday night were hopeful to see the first flakes of the season, while others not so much.

“It does feel like snow, you know when it smells and there’s moisture in the air,” Beacon Hill resident Lisa Krakoff said.

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“If it’s just a dusting and adds to the very spirit I’m in a good mood. However, if I’m stuck on the Mass Pike for three hours, I’m not good,” Donna Buendo said.

“I love snow. I have a tradition whenever it’s supposed to snow overnight, I sleep with my blinds open to watch it as soon as I wake up,” Janine Jay said.

But what about businesses actually hoping for some real snowfall such as hardware stores looking to get winter supplies off the shelves.

Jack Gurnon has owned Charles Street Supply for more than two decades and says sleds, ice melt and other winter gear haven’t been touched this season.

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“We have shovels and ice melt and windshield scrapers and all that stuff still here, we’re prepared but we just need snow,” Gurnon said.

The owner of 365 Landscaping out of Needham tells us they’ve been relying on tree work lately, waiting for that first heavy downfall to bring out the plow trucks.

“We have a few commercial accounts that pay us monthly so that helps us and you know if we don’t get enough snow, it’ll hurt us a bit, but we just prepare for winter and hope for the best,” Sam Nickles said.

In the meantime, both business owners and residents will have their fingers crossed for next time.

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“It’s part of the landscape the last few years, it’s not hurting business but it’s obviously not helping our business,” Gurnon said.