BOSTON (CBS) – It’s been a dry start to Wednesday, with just a few isolated flurries and coatings for the state. With such dry air in place, it’s eating up snowflakes as they head to the ground. It’ll take a little while for the atmosphere to saturate.

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By the later afternoon, the first snowflakes will start to fall. These first flakes will be light, picking up a bit as we head further into the evening commute.

While total snowfall will be minor, given this is the first widespread snow and falling at an inopportune time, there could be some issues on roads.

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Just like someone steps onto a boat and needs to get their sea legs, folks in cars will need to get their driving legs back. The first 1-2 inches of any snow fall is usually the worst as people just don’t adjust their driving habits.

A coating to a couple inches of snow is expected for most outside the Cape and Islands.

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A few isolated towns in northern Worcester or Middlesex County may squeeze out up to 1-2 inches, but those totals would be the exception versus the rule.

Snow will wind down late Wednesday as the storm continues to push out to sea. Thursday is back to chilly temperatures with highs in the 30s.

Jacob Wycoff