By Staff

BARNSTEAD, N.H. (CBS) – A deer left an antler behind after smashing its way into a New Hampshire school over the weekend.

A concerned citizen called police Sunday afternoon after seeing the front door of Barnstead Elementary School had been smashed.

Damage left behind after a deer broke through a window into a school in New Hampshire. (Image Credit: Barnstead Police)

When officers arrived, they were shocked to find the suspect was still inside the school – a 10-point buck in the lobby.

Firefighters and police tried contain the animal. But as they went to the building, the deer slammed through a second window and ran off down Maple Street.

The buck left behind part of an antler.

A buck left behind its antler after smashing into a New Hampshire school. (Image Credit: Barnstead Police)

Police joked that as the deer ran off, a voice could be heard yelling “On Dancer!”

According to Barnstead Police, a similar incident happened the same day in Goffstown when a buck got into an auto repair shop. Staff