By Staff

MEDFORD (CBS) – A woman was sexually assaulted at the Middlesex Fells Reservation in Medford Friday morning. Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said Friday night that 28-year-old Brady McCue of Medford has been arrested in connection to the assault.

He is being charged with armed assault to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury, kidnapping, and aggravated rape.

Massachusetts State Police said the 48-year-old woman was walking in the area of Leslie Road Trail Head when she was attacked around 8 a.m.

Ryan said that the preliminary investigation suggests McCue hit the woman with a rock several times before sexually assaulting her. He then fled the scene.

Police were able to identify McCue due to evidence at the scene. He was arrested at his residence and is scheduled to be arraigned in Somerville District Court on Monday.

The woman was taken to a hospital in Boston where she’s in stable condition being treated for injuries.

State Police were searching for evidence at the Middlesex Fells Reservation Friday. (WBZ-TV)

The Fells is known to be a very scenic and popular spot for tourists and residents.

“It’s very frightening. It’s tragic if it happens because it’s been a primary attraction with the Fells to never be nervous or worried,” said Steve O’Brien of Winchester.

Many people were turned away on Friday as they pulled into the park due to police presence. The assault was originally believed to have taken place in Winchester, but Ryan said the investigation revealed it happened in Medford. Staff