By Rachel Holt

DANVERS (CBS) – One look at the ticket wall, or the line of customers, and it’s clear when it comes to the lottery, Village Food Shop means serious business.

Owner of the Danvers store Darshna Patel said, “I’ve had this store since 1991. Since 2012, we have five $1 million jackpot and one $4 million dollar jackpot.”

According to Director of Communications for the Massachusetts State Lottery Christian Teja, “since 2019, four prizes of $1 million or more have been won on instant tickets sold at Village Food Shop, the most of any Mass Lottery retailer. Five locations have had three such prize winners in that span.”

Darshna Patel (WBZ-TV)

Mass Lottery said the most recent winning instant ticket of $1 million sold at Village Food Shop was won on November 10.

Customer Jonathan Brown of Manchester, New Hampshire said, “I drove an hour here today to get tickets. They sell so many million-dollar winners here that it’s crazy not to make this one of my stops.”

Patel has bought into her lottery luck, and in turn, with each winning ticket, she’s cashing in.

Village Food Shop in Danvers (WBZ-TV)

“Each ticket we get 1%, so all together we got $100,000,” said Patel.

With the bonuses the store receives for selling the winning tickets, Darshna has been able to help put her sons through college, donate to charities in India, and invest in the store.

“It’s just an unbelievable experience. Everybody’s happy and seeing the smiles on the customers,” said Patel.

Aside from the extensive lottery ticket wall, inside the store there’s two separate lounges where customers can hang out and play the lottery, a lottery vending machine, and TVs throughout displaying what everyone hopes will be their winning numbers.

“I’m like, when is it going to be my turn to get that winning ticket. I’m gonna keep on trying. This is the store right here,” said customer Tara Phillips of Peabody.

Village Food Shop is located at 37 High Street in Danvers.

Rachel Holt