BOSTON (CBS) — Randy Moss was so good at catching contested passes that he’s generated his own addition to the English language. Whenever someone stands by idly while an athlete makes a tremendous play mere feet or inches away, that person has affectionately come to be known as someone who has “gotten Mossed.”

The celebration of these Mossings takes place each work before Monday Night Football. And the honor of the No. 1 spot on the “You Got Mossed” segment this week went to Patriots receiver Kendrick Bourne.

Bourne of case hauled in an incredible catch on Sunday, going up and getting a perfectly placed ball from Mac Jones and beating Troy Hill and John Johnson for the touchdown.

“Hey, Kendrick Bourne,” Moss said on ESPN. “Please put them gloves on your hands this week, baby, because the team needed you. Way to get that win, way to be our number on on You Got Mossed, Kendrick Bourne!”

Bourne saw this video on Twitter and sent out a quick response: “Need them!”

Bourne is currently leading the Patriots with 520 receiving yards on his 33 receptions. He’s caught three touchdowns, and he’s also rushed for 71 yards on five carries.

The NFL doesn’t officially track a receiver’s Mossings. But Bourne made sure to record this one in his log. Staff