By Christina Hager

BROCKTON (CBS) – “I wanted to be as good as I could get,” said a 91-year-old getting his Moderna COVID-19 booster in Brockton Friday, just in time for the holidays. Experts say it’s a good idea. After a deep dip in COVID-19 numbers this summer, cases are creeping up again as cold weather drives people inside, and plans for gathering around turkey get underway.

“We’re gathering with friends and family this Thanksgiving,” said Elyse Heise. “Everyone over 65 will have had booster shots, and all of the kids,” she said.

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Reported cases in Massachusetts have gone up since a low of only 79 back on July 2, to 1,180 November 2. This week, there were 1,745 cases reported November 10.

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“There are now good data that getting a booster shot returns the vaccines to the kind of protection they had initially,” said Brigham and Women’s infectious disease Dr. Paul Sax. He supports what California and Colorado have done, overriding the federal government’s guidance to make all adults 18 and older eligible for boosters.

It’s something Pfizer has requested for its shots. “The CDC does not recommend it for all adults, but I would recommend it for all adults, and I’m hopeful that we soon have that policy here,” Dr. Sax said.

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We asked Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s office if he would consider broadening eligibility for boosters to all adults before Thanksgiving. A spokesperson says most already are eligible. State data show nearly 680,000 have had boosters in Massachusetts.

Christina Hager