By Tiffany Chan

REVERE (CBS) – Neighbors on one Revere street are pleading for help after being terrorized by coyotes. “I’m petrified. Totally, totally petrified,” Pauline Marino told WBZ-TV outside of her home on High Street.

Cell phone video captured outside of her house Wednesday night shows several coyotes roaming around the dead end street, seemingly unafraid. One video shows a coyote with prey in its mouth.

“He ran into Linda’s yard, dropped the prey whatever he had in his mouth,” said neighbor Jay Battista. “He looked around, grabbed the prey and ran off.”

The pack of six coyotes travel up Battista’s backyard and can be seen in the cellphone video walking around his front yard.
“When you get five or six up here and they surround you, what are you going to do,” he asked.

Coyotes in Revere (WBZ-TV)

With so many hanging around, neighbors fear they’ll be the next target. They’re pleading with Revere Animal Control and the state to step in.

“They said we can’t touch them, can’t move them until they’re aggressive,” said Marino. “What’s aggressive?”

Linda Cavalieri won’t allow her granddaughter to play outside. “You can’t wait for them to get aggressive and do something serious to a child or even to us!”

The coyotes are getting bolder, coming out earlier at night and sticking around until the morning. Neighbors have had to buy horns, sound their car alarms and even call the police just to get to their cars in the morning.

“That’s what I’m going to hit them with if they come after me,” said one neighbor showing off his wooden bat.

Neighbors along High Street are afraid someone will get bitten before help arrives.

“We want to put them in a safer place where they’re comfortable too,” said Marino.

Tiffany Chan