BOSTON (CBS) — Eduardo Rodriguez may be among the most up-and-down pitchers in baseball. Alex Cora believes he knows why.

The Red Sox manager was interviewed on WEEI this week, and said that tipping pitches continues to be a problem for the left-hander. (“Tipping” of course means offering some sign that indicates to hitters what pitch is coming.)

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“There were a few games there, now I can say it, people knew what was coming,” Cora said on WEEI. “We made a lot of adjustments with the hands.”

Cora said he had real concerns about Rodriguez facing the Astros in the playoffs, as Houston players are very good at (legally) picking up on such tells.

“One of my biggest fears was facing that team, the Astros, in October,” Cora said. “I know people are going to take it the wrong way — I’m not saying because of what happened in ’17 — they are really good at looking at gloves and tendencies and where you set and all that. At one point, I was like, ‘Oh my God, they’re going to take advantage of this.'”

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Rodriguez gave up two runs and lasted just 1.2 innings in his first postseason start this year in Tampa. He came back in that series to allow two runs over five innings in the clinching Game 4. He started Game 3 vs. the Astros, allowing three runs over six innings in a Red Sox victory.

Cora said that Rodriguez made great adjustments after that start in Tampa.

“I think stuff-wise, he was really, really good toward the end,” Cora said. “As you know, when that changeup is below 85 and the fastball is above 92, he’s almost impossible to hit. Because the carry of his fastball is legit and the action of his changeup is one of the best in the big leagues.”

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A looming free agent, Rodriguez has been given both the qualifying offer and a multi-year offer from the Red Sox. He’ll soon decide whether to accept one of those offers or hit the open market. Staff