By Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston seventh grader is recovering from gunshot wounds after he was walking home from the bus with a friend for a sleepover in Hyde Park Wednesday night. It happened on Wood Avenue around 11 p.m.

“Some guy came up to us in the car. He was like, ‘where you all from?’ We were like, ‘nowhere,’ and then he was like, ‘OK’. He came back he started shooting,” said the victim’s friend. “He was like ‘I’m shot! I got shot, I got shot’…He started screaming…’Don’t let me die, please don’t let me die,’ and I’m like ‘What do I do?’ And then I called 911.”

But neighbor Marcel Cannon was much closer than any police or ambulance. “I heard the shots, and I heard the kid screaming, and he was across the street,” he said. “At first I was just going to call 911, but once he said, ‘please don’t let me die’ and started pleading; he’s so young.”

Cannon jumped into his car and drove the two 13-year-olds to Boston Medical Center. “On the way there, I saw some of the holes in his body, and he had a bullet in his cell phone, so that might have prevented something,” Cannon said. “So hopefully he’s OK.”
The victim’s friends say he is, in fact, recovering OK.

Neighbors say it’s unusual activity on their normally quiet street. “I heard pow, pow, pow, pow, like six or seven times,” said Henry Vilfort.

Other neighbors heard the cries for help. “I heard a car speed off,” said Vanessa Cooper.

It is the third shooting in Boston in three days. “It’s sad because this is a quiet area. I don’t know why it’s happening here,” said Ghislaine Firmin.

A spokesperson for the city says Boston’s trauma team is reaching out to victims’ families and neighbors. Anyone looking for support services can call Boston Trauma Response at 617-431-0125.

Christina Hager