By Lisa Gresci

BOSTON (CBS) – Workers at a school rushed in to save a teen who was attacked on Sharp Street in Dorchester Tuesday.

The alleged assault happened just feet away from the Epiphany School. “They just described it as violent and frightening,” head of school John Finley said.

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Staff inside, hearing screams so loud that they came running out. “He had been hitting her with a pipe apparently. It was clear to them that this was a sexual assault,” he added.

Police say the suspect, 29-year-old Naeem Patrick, came up behind the young girl and hit her in the head. He then allegedly attempted to drag her into what investigators described as a wooded area, Andrew Saxe’s side yard. “She was pretty shaken up,” Saxe said.

Patrick, who is now charged with assault with intent to rape and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, wasn’t shown in court.

“What I can say about that is that there is a potential issue of identification and as such I asked that my client not be brought in public,” said attorney Christine Fosco outside of the Dorchester court.

A court clinician detailed an extensive medical history including schizophrenia.

“He was referred to an evaluation of competence because he refused to speak with his attorney downstairs, he appears preoccupied, disorganized and a bit confused,” Dr. Anne E. Johnson, the designated forensic psychologist, explained.

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Back on Sharp Street, neighbors are sad to see someone so young go through something so traumatic.

“She told the cops she’s 17-years-old,” Antonio Rodrigues said.

“I think what’s really sad is that she will always be an anxious person. The physical injuries will heal but you don’t expect to be walking along a very pleasant street and get hit in the head,” Saxe added.

The entire neighborhood is thankful to the Epiphany School staff for jumping into action.

“I’m very proud of my teachers,” Finley said.

The girl is not a student at the school.

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Patrick is undergoing a mental health evaluation and will be back in court November 29th.

Lisa Gresci