By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — The first center-running bus lane in New England has officially opened in Jamaica Plain.

A stretch of Columbus Avenue from Franklin Park to Jackson Square in Jamaica Plain is now painted red, right in the middle of the street.

Routes 22, 29, and 44 will use it. The MBTA says it will provide faster and more reliable service for riders who use that corridor.

Columbus Avenue’s bus lanes are the first center-running bus lane facility in the MBTA service area and in New England. (Photo Credit: MBTA)

Buses began running on the lane on October 30, but there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the lane on Thursday.

“It is a big, exciting day here in Boston,” said Acting Mayor Kim Janey. “We know that over 8,000 riders rely on bus routes — the 22, the 29, and the 44 bus — who go down this street. These routes consistently have high ridership, and they’ve had high ridership throughout the pandemic.”

The MBTA says the lane will save riders four-to-seven minutes on all the routes. Construction on the lane began in August of 2020. Staff