By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) – A Newton man was arrested after police say he checked into a Boston hotel with high-capacity weapons. Thomas Morse, 37, allegedly brought several loaded weapons into the W Hotel on Stuart Street in Boston.

A hotel employee told police he felt a gun barrel while helping Morse with his luggage. Morse had also allegedly requested a room in one of the higher floors of the hotel.

The firearms recovered by police included an AM-15 rifle with a mounted scope, a Yugoslavia MOD 59/66 rifle with an expandable stock and a loaded .45 caliber Remington 1911 R1 handgun. Police also found two large capacity magazines and several rounds of ammunition.

Morse was arrested after the hotel kicked him out. He is facing several charges including possession of a large capacity firearm, large capacity feeding device, carrying a loaded weapon and unlawful possession of ammunition. Staff