BOSTON (CBS) — Don’t mess with David Andrews’ quarterback.

The Patriots center did not hold back his disdain for Chargers defensive end Jerry Tillery after New England’s 27-24 win in Los Angeles on Sunday. Andrews was still heated over a late hit by Tillery on Mac Jones from the first half, when Tillery dropped Jones well after officials had blown their whistles.

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The play had been dead for at least a few seconds, but Tillery still felt the need to send Jones to the ground. He was met by an assembly of New England offensive linemen after the play, led by Andrews, and told all of them to bring it on.

Andrews and crew told him to cut it out, though we’re almost certain they used different verbiage.

Andrews wasn’t buying that Tillery didn’t hear the whistle, and he certainly wasn’t happy with someone taking a late shot at his quarterback.

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“I think 21 other guys heard the whistle, so I didn’t take too kindly to that,” Andrews said of the hit after New England’s victory. “I thought that was kind of a BS play. But it is what it is. Mac’s a tough kid and shows a lot of poise each and every week to stand in there.”

Shockingly, in a league that is doing anything and everything to protect quarterbacks, no penalty flag was thrown on the play. Jones shrugged it off after the win, but did say that he appreciates that his offensive line always has his back when things get chippy.

“It is what it is. I think there was some stuff here and there, but I do appreciate the offensive line and my team for having my back. I think it was just one of those things that I’m not really sure what happened, but we can’t let that affect the next play,” said Jones. “With me, I didn’t feel tension or anything like that, I just kept playing. I think everyone on our team did.

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“We played hard and we played for 60 minutes, that’s all that matters,” added Jones. “We didn’t play great at times, starting with me, but I think the whole message, like I said earlier, was just finishing strong and playing a four-quarter game and playing all three units together, so that’s the main story.” Staff