BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick is known for throwing his challenge flag when a lot of other NFL coaches would keep it firmly tucked into their sock. Such was the case during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 27-24 win over the Los Angeles Chargers, when Belichick decided to challenge a holding penalty by the Chargers.

It was a pretty big challenge, because as Belichick saw it, New England linebacker Kyle Van Noywas being held in the end zone. Had Belichick gotten the call to go in his favor, the Patriots would have been rewarded with a safety, the ball, and a lead over Los Angeles.

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However, it turns out it was all just a misinterpretation by Belichick. The Patriots head coach explained the confusion of the challenge during his Monday morning press conference, and said that he did not hear that the penalty was called on Los Angeles offensive lineman Matt Feiler.

When he saw the play, Belichick believed that offensive lineman Storm Norton had held Van Noy in the end zone. He did not hear the call on the field, and thus threw his challenge flag hoping to get the safety.

The review did not take very long, the call on the field was upheld and the Patriots were charged with a timeout.

“I saw the hold on Kyle and thought it happened in the end zone. I think it did happen in the end zone. The foul was called on the guard, so, again, I didn’t really hear who the foul was on. I saw it on Norton, thought it was on Norton, so that was the mistake that I made,” Belichick said Monday morning. “Thanks for pointing that out Mike [Reiss], I appreciate it.”

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Belichick was just playing around with Reiss, admitting that he completely botched the call during Sunday’s game.

“It was my fault,” said Belichick. “I blew it.”

Belichick has said a number of different occasions that he usually can’t hear the call on the field from the sidelines. But knowing that, he would probably be better served to double check — and triple check — a call before chucking that red flag on the field.

The play didn’t end up burning the Patriots in the end, as Adrian Phillips picked off Justin Herbert a few plays later and returned it for a go-ahead touchdown. The Patriots didn’t need to mount a comeback on offense on Sunday, so the timeout wasn’t needed in the end.

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But Belichick did have to admit his folly on Monday, so he’ll likely give it a little extra thought the next time he goes to throw that red challenge flag. Staff