By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Last week, Mac Jones revealed that his pregame meal always involves a plate of spaghetti. Or perhaps it’s a bowl. He did not specify.

On Monday, during his weekly radio interview, the Patriots’ rookie quarterback explained in greater detail what his pregame meal is for every game. And the 23-year-old said that no matter what time of day the game is scheduled, he always eats spaghetti, steak, and eggs.

(He also said that he likes to indulge with some mochi for celebratory postgame snacks.)

Jones said that with some 11 a.m. start times in college, he had to eat those early-morning plates of steak, spaghetti, and eggs.

That is certainly … unique. But the quarterback has found some success early on in his NFL career, so he’s unlikely to make a change now. Staff