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BOSTON (CBS) — Cam Newton released a Sunday edition of his “Funky Friday” videos during the NFL’s Week 6 slate, and relayed a few messages to his fans.

He of course wants to still play football, and said that he has even received some offers. He also revealed that he’s been vaccinated against COVID-19, after being reluctant to do so while a member of the New England Patriots

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It was during Newton’s five-day absence after a COVID testing misunderstanding that allowed Mac Jones to take over the Patriots offense and ultimately beat out the veteran quarterback. Newton explained his reluctance to the vaccination as he didn’t believe that the side effects were “beneficial” to him. He also made it clear that no one should judge others on what is a personal decision.

“Whether you get COVID vaccination shot or not, you have to do what is best for you,” said Newton.

Newton said he was nervous, scared and felt some uncertain energy when he went to get his shot. He did not like the judgment that was put on him when it was revealed he was not vaccinated back in August, and doesn’t think it’s fair to judge anyone based on that decision.

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“Prior to me getting the vaccination, and even after getting the vaccination, I just feel like it’s undue judgement for no reason,” he said. “This is why I say that. No. 1, you have to do what’s right to you. You, as in the person who sees this. The person you see in the mirror. The person you wake up to every single morning. The person you confide in. The person you talk to. The person you came into this world with. Yourself. And that’s it. Whether a person gets vaccinated or not, in my honest opinion, that’s a personal decision. And I think it should be respected as such.”

Newton said he was constantly asked if he was vaccinated as he spoke with other teams, and rightfully so. He’s eager to get back into the NFL, and has received some offers. But he is waiting for the right opportunity to continue his career.

“Hell yeah I want to still play football. I still get that urge to go out and perform and do something I’ve been doing since I was seven years old. But also, it’s like, bro, I’m so much more than a football player, dog. Respect me as such,” he said. “Long story short: Man, I’m just waiting on the right opportunity. You’re probably asking yourself, ‘Don’t nobody want Cam?’ That’s a lie. I’ve been getting offers.

“But the realization of it is, it has to be right,” he added. “It’s all a part of the melting pot of ‘Do what is best for you,’ and do not allow nobody else to think anything different. Whether you get the shot or don’t, just stay healthy. I think if you can get that through your thick head and thick skull, we’ll all be all right.

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“Judging a person by if they do or don’t, it’s not going get us nowhere but angry at each other,” he added. Staff