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LAKEVILLE (CBS) – Firefighters in Lakeville are thanking a woman who stopped to help a little girl involved in a serious car crash.

Yanire Mendes and her friend were on Route 140 Monday when they saw a car go off the road into the trees. They pulled over and saw that a woman had been thrown from the car and her four-year-old daughter was strapped in the backseat.

A woman and child were injured in a Lakeville crash. (Image Credit: Lakeville Fire Department)

According to firefighters, Mendes “was able to calm the upset child and even had her smiling and laughing.” The child was eventually taken to a Providence hospital.

Mendes said her maternal instincts kicked in and she did everything she could to comfort the child until first responders arrived.

Yanire Mendes (WBZ-TV)

“She had made a little bracelet and we found it outside of the vehicle, so I had picked up the bracelet and I said ‘talk to me about this bracelet. Where did you make this bracelet? When did you make it? Do you know the colors?'” Mendes said. “And we discussed the bracelet and I just used it as a tool to help her find some comfort in a difficult situation.”

The girl’s mother remains hospitalized.

When firefighters arrived at the crash scene, the little girl gave them the bracelet as a thank you. When Mendes met with the fire chief Tuesday, he gave it back to her for her kindness. Staff