SUDBURY (CBS) – School officials apologized after someone shot off fireworks during a Lincoln-Sudbury High School football game Friday night, sending debris into the visiting bleachers and onto the field.

It happened with about nine minutes left in the game between Lincoln-Sudbury and Fitchburg.

Lincoln-Sudbury Superintendent of Schools Bella Wong said five or six fireworks were launched from a wooded area between Concord Road in Sudbury and the visiting bleachers.

Wong said she does not believe Fitchburg fans were the target of the fireworks.

“It was a shocking experience for athletes, officials and spectators alike, which included young children.  Many individuals, of any age, were frightened, some were extremely so,” Wong said. “As well as being frightened about one’s safety it also caused some of our visitors to wonder if they were the intentional targets. I apologize on the behalf of our community to that of the Fitchburg school community that last night’s events caused any of them to feel at all that that would be a possibility.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the school or Sudbury Police. Staff