BOSTON (CBS) — For more than a decade, Julian Edelman experienced the power that Tom Brady can and does have in driving a team toward championships. Now that he’s watching it from afar, Edelman remains rather impressed.

“The thing that I liked the most was how he talked to the media afterwards,” Edelman said on Paramount+’s Inside The NFL, regarding Brady’s postgame press conference after Sunday’s 48-25 win over the Falcons. “[Brady was saying] there’s more we can do, making that team understand that, ‘We have to improve continually in September. We are not going to have the same team in September as we’re going to have in December. We need to continue to improve.’ And that’s what Tom Brady’s doing right now — he still can play. Forty-four!”

With no team — and no quarterback — having won back-to-back Super Bowls since Brady and the Patriots did it in 2003 and 2004, the veteran quarterback is clearly driving the Buccaneers to reach that high standard. Edelman witnessed it year in and year out in New England, and he’s now seeing that same mentality take hold in Tampa.

Of course, having a quarterback play lights-out helps that cause, and Edelman was equally amazed by that part of Brady’s performance on Sunday.

“I don’t know anything about football, I guess, but the one thing I do know? My big bro, Thomas Brady. He can still do it,” Edelman said. “He’s 44! This guy is 44 years old. He goes out, 24-for-36, 276 yards, five touchdowns, hits 10 different targets. He looks like a monster.”

Edelman’s enthusiasm for his former Patriots teammate made co-host Brandon Marshall ask the question: “Are you going back to the NFL to join up with Tom Brady.” Edelman played along, lamenting the fact that with Brady hitting 10 different receivers on Sunday, TB12 does not have a pressing need for JE11.

“Ten targets hit? My phone ain’t ringing any time soon after that,” Edelman said. “He don’t need me! He doesn’t need me! He doesn’t.”

Later in the show, in a more honest moment, Marshall asked Edelman if it’s hard to watch Brady and Rob Gronkowski still connecting for touchdowns.

“No. I’m happy for them. I’m extremely happy for them,” Edelman said. “I put my time in.” Staff