BOSTON (CBS) — From 2018-20, Devin and Jason McCourty got to do something that very few siblings get to do: Play for the same NFL team. In their first season together since college, the twin brothers won a Super Bowl, and they obviously remained close as teammates in the years that followed.

Now, though, the dream situation is over, with the Patriots letting Jason go in free agency last offseason. Jason ended up signing with the Dolphins, who just so happened to visit the Patriots in Week 1.

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While the two had played against each other way back in 2012, Sunday’s meeting had a stranger feel to it.

“It was awkward,” Devin McCourty said Monday afternoon. “I think because of the time we spent the last three years and how much football we’ve talked over the last three years of, you know, how we play things and how we do things. So it kinda was in sync, it was great. And just watching him out there on the other side was different. But it was a lot of fun seeing him out there competing.”

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Devin recorded seven total tackles for New England during the 17-16 loss. Jason had five tackles and made a great play to break up a pass intended for Jakobi Meyers in the second quarter:

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“I’m happy I don’t have to play against my twin brother every week,” Devin said.

While allegiance was easy to decide for everyone in the McCourty family for the past three years, Sunday presented a new challenge. For “Mama McCourty,” the temperature in Foxboro for Week 1 and Miami later in the year would be too hot for a custom-made split jersey. So the mother of the twins adapted.

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“My mom went split-T-shirt. She said it was too hot to make a jersey when she goes to Miami,” Devin said. “And then Jay wasn’t too happy, most of the family — all of the family — had on Patriots gear except his wife and my mom. So he wasn’t too happy about that.” Staff