By Kate Merrill

BOSTON (CBS) — Nubian Square is the commercial center of Roxbury.

Formerly known as Dudley Square, a local community group recently argued that Thomas Dudley was a leading politician when the Massachusetts Bay Colony became the first to legally sanction slavery. So, it was changed in 2019 and Nubian Square was born.

And now, there is new life to match the new name in one of Boston’s oldest neighborhoods.

Nubian Square looks and feels different, from the music to the art. And the art is everywhere, on buildings and walls to old lots.

Black Market in Nubian Square. (WBZ-TV)

Kai Grant and her husband founded Black Market, a group focused on reinvigorating and reigniting the economy, the culture, and ultimately, the community.

“Our ultimate goal is to see this part of the city come back to life. This is the beginning of the renaissance,” she told WBZ-TV.

It’s where Grant grew up and could have abandoned, but instead, she came back to make it better.

“This is our ancestors talking to us and saying, ‘Hey, let’s really see ourselves again inside our spaces, in a way we can reclaim them and turn blight into bliss,’” Grant said.

Some of the art in Nubian Square. (WBZ-TV)

Part of that rebirth happens the first Saturday of every month, where art and culture comes alive and in color.

With live paintings, food, shopping and music, Black Market’s goal is to bring life and pride back to their struggling streets, one painting at a time.

“The ultimate goal is to have residents and tourists alike have a place they can come to and feel safe and secure and feel invigorated and inspired,” Grant said.

You can donate, volunteer, or get involved with Black Market by visiting their website.

Kate Merrill