By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The relationship between Tom Brady and Mike Vrabel is a unique one. It’s special.

If anyone didn’t know that before, the latest clip from the Buccaneers’ behind-the-scenes show made it as clear as possible.

The show, “In The Current,” documented the Buccaneers’ joint practice with the Tennessee Titans. That training camp session involved a reunion between Brady and Vrabel, who’s the head coach of the Titans.

Brady sat down for an interview for the show … seemingly just to take the opportunity to roast Vrabel.

It was vicious.

“Mike’s kind of [expletive] hole if you get to know him,” a deadpan Brady said. “I mean, he went to Ohio State. You know, obviously I don’t like him.”

Brady, who famously keeps himself in rather excellent physical shape, took a swipe at the 46-year-old Vrabel’s physique.

“There’s a healthy competition between us always, even though he’s kind of fat and out of shape now,” Brady said. “You know, physically he’s really declined to a pretty sad state.”

Again, that is a special relationship. (It’s likely why Brady let it rip with that famous comment on “The Shop” earlier this summer. It was obviously Tennessee, and this type of commentary from Brady confirms it. Even though he’s denied it.)

Brady’s interview barbs weren’t the first time he and Vrabel have exchanged verbal haymakers, as that tradition dates back to Brady’s and Vrabel’s time as teammates from 2001-08.

Mike Vrabel and Tom Brady at Super Bowl Media Day in 2008. (Photo by Nancy Lane/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images)

Brady’s obviously continued playing through his 40s, while Vrabel has risen through the coaching ranks. Vrabel’s Titans put an end to Brady’s Patriots career, beating New England in the wild card round in 2019. That proved to be Brady’s final game in a Patriots uniform. It also improved Vrabel to 2-0 as a head coach against Brady, as the Titans beat the Patriots in the 2018 regular season as well.

Tom Brady and Mike Vrabel (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Vrabel got his own dig in during the episode, as he addressed both teams on the practice field.

“I know you guys are moving forward, but it’s good to see another defense carry Brady to another Super Bowl,” Vrabel told the Bucs.

Considering Vrabel contributed to three Patriots Super Bowl wins both on defense and as a goal line tight end, he’s in a unique position to knock Brady down a peg like that whenever he wants. He usually doesn’t miss.

Perhaps one day, those two will have their own little web series where they just make fun of each other for as long as they can. Vrabel will probably end up the winner; he’s relentless. But that on-camera performance from Brady? Some of his best work, no doubt.