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BOSTON (CBS) — Thirty-three Persian cats are set to go up for adoption on Saturday after they were surrendered from a home in Central Massachusetts. The cats ranging in age from 5 to 12 years old were matted and dirty due to living in cluttered conditions.

MSPCA adoption center staff are calling the cats “Fancy Times Three.” They’re hoping to find potential adopters who can “restore the cats to their previous regal state.”

One of the rescued Persian cats (Photo credit: MSPCA)

“In addition to being purebred Persians—a highly desirable breed that only occasionally shows up in our adoption centers—many of these were previous show cats, with at least several imported from Italy.” adoption programs director Mike Keiley said in a statement.

The owner surrendered the cats after their primary caregiver died and he could not take care of them. He will not be facing charges.

The cats are being treated for upper respiratory infections and dental disease.

The staff at Nevins Farm in Metheun have been shaving the cats’ matted hair “so they’ll grow back to the glossy long-haired coats for which Persians are famous.”

Anyone interested in adoption a cat can go to

“These cats might be in need of a lot upfront and ongoing care, but they are stunning and we are hoping to identify adopters that are excited to bring one home and willing to aid them in their recovery journeys,” Keiley said. Staff