By Staff

WEST SPRINGFIELD (CBS) — The Big E returns this month for the first time since the pandemic started — and fair-goers will be welcomed with an endless menu of deep-fried and calorie-laden food offerings.

The fair in West Springfield that typically attracts more than one million people every year unveiled some brand new foods this week.

There’s a “Biggie” Waffle Bacon Cheeseburger – which is a double cheeseburger topped with cheese, fried onions, a hashbrown patty and a side of syrup between two waffles.

The bacon cheeseburger between two waffles (Photo credit: The Big E)

For dessert, the famous Big E cream puffs come in a new flavor: pumpkin.

Pumpkin cream puffs (Photo credit: The Big E)

For fried food lovers, there are new savory and sweet options. The Deep Fried Pineapple comes on a stick and is drizzled in a coconut sauce and powdered sugar.

Deep Fried Pineapple with Coconut Sauce (Photo credit: The Big E)

And the Bacon Wrapped Dilly Dilly Dog may look like a corn dog on the outside, but take a bite and you’ll find a hot dog encased in bacon within a pickle.

Bacon Wrapped Dilly Dilly Dog (Photo credit: The Big E)

Other notable new menu items include deep fried tacos, buffalo chicken meatballs, a bratwurst poutine, and a taco “bag” including Fritos, fire roasted corn salsa and cheese.

Click here for a full list of new foods.

This year’s Big E runs from September 17-October 3. Staff