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BOSTON (CBS) — When Mac Jones threw his first career touchdown in New England’s final preseason game on Sunday night, everyone on the Patriots roster wanted to give the rookie some love. That included Cam Newton, the man that Jones is trying to unseat at starting quarterback.

Cam had to really work for his high-five from Jones though. After the rookie delivered a bullet of a touchdown pass to Isaiah Zuber against the New York Giants on Sunday night, he was pretty jazzed up on the bench. His jaunt to the bench was no slow stroll, as the rookie reached a pretty epic stride.

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Newton, meanwhile, was left hanging. But the veteran QB was determined to slap hands with Jones, and finally did so after walking nearly the length of the New England bench.

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That’s the most Newton has had to run this preseason, in which he logged zero carries through his three games. Jones said it was a pretty funny moment when asked about it following New England’s 22-20 win.

“He showed me the video. I didn’t hear him or see him, so I said, ‘Oh my bad,'” Jones chuckled after the game. “But that’s Cam for you. He’s happy, a great teammate and I’m happy to be in the same room with him. He’s a great dude.”

While Newton and Jones have been competing all summer for that starting gig, both of them have had nothing but great things to say about each other. Jones and Newton were seen sharing a laugh on the bench during Sunday’s game, and after the game, Jones said that Newton has been a mentor to him this summer as he navigates his way to his first NFL season.

“We just have great conversations. He’s a big mentor for me, but at the same time we can have fun just talking,” said Jones. “We’re human so we’re not going to be serious all the time. He’s a great guy and he has great jokes.”

Bill Belichick said after Sunday’s game that he hasn’t decided who will be New England’s starting quarterback on Sept. 12 against the Miami Dolphins. Newton started all three preseason games and played with the team’s starters, so all signs are pointing to him taking the field in Week 1.

But Jones certainly gave him a great run this preseason. Even if he doesn’t beat out the veteran, Jones said he’ll be ready whenever his number is called.

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“I’ll play any role I’m asked to play. We have a lot of work to do, but we’ll get it fixed and keep going,” said Jones. Staff