By Louisa Moller

MARION (CBS) — It may have been 30 years ago, but residents of the South Coast still have images of Hurricane Bob seared in their minds.

That means they’re taking no chance with Tropical Storm Henri. One by one, locals in Marion dragged their boats out of the water Friday evening, preparing for the worst based on lessons from the past.

A Marion resident dragging their boat out of the water in preparation for Tropical Storm Henri. (WBZ-TV)

“Making sure everything is battened down and making sure Hurricane Bob doesn’t happen again,” said Bob Meehan of Marion.

Boats rocked gently off the town’s pier Friday, and the water was even calm enough for paddle boarding. But town administrator Jay McGrail says the town already has a plan to deal with Henri.

“What we started to do was put together plans for our shelter, which is at our elementary school. Started to put together evacuation plans, if they’re needed,” McGrail said.

On the Cape, the ferries are warning of cancellation to the islands. In Woods Hole, power crews from out of state parked in preparation for outages.

Gov. Charlie Baker has even activated the National Guard and issued his own stern warning to the vacationers.

“We don’t want people to be stuck in the traffic on the Cape Cod bridges when the storm is in full force on Sunday,” said Gov. Baker.

Those who experienced Hurricane Bob say they won’t be fooled by a beautiful summer evening. Summer is only 48 hours away.

“Be prepared. I’d take every precaution. Sails off. Boats out,” said Brian Testa of Marion.

In Marion, the town will make the final decision on whether or not to open a shelter staffed with volunteers Saturday.

Louisa Moller