BOSTON (CBS) — When Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visited the White House in July, tight end Rob Gronkowski wasn’t present for the trip. He had some other things to do — like driving around shirtless.

Fortunately, Gronkowski was able to virtually take part in some of the experience, as quarterback Tom Brady dialed him up for a FaceTime while inside the China Room at the White House.

In their web show “In The Current,” the Buccaneers shared this moment with the world, during which Brady was a bit stunned to see Gronkowski in a state of undress.

“Robby G! Shirtless? With your Vipers on? And I’m in the China Room. Say what’s up,” Brady implored his longtime  pal.

After Gronkowski took a little guff from those in the room, Brady seemed to propose a fine on his teammate.

“Conduct detrimental!” Brady joked. “Official team function!”

Gronkowski had visited the White House with the Patriots in 2015 and 2017, notably interrupting a press briefing on the latter visit. On the first trip, Barack Obama joked during his speech that he had told Gronkowski that he needed to keep his shirt on during the ceremony. Perhaps that requirement was what kept him from making the trip this time around. Staff