By Staff

JAMAICA PLAIN (CBS) — Jamaica Pond is closed to water activities until further notice because of a suspected blue-green algae bloom that could make people and pets sick.

Boston Health officials say visitors can’t swim, fish, or boat on the pond.

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They’re also urging people to not let their dogs swim in or drink the water.

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These activities will not re-open until bacteria levels are within safe levels.

“Blue-green algae can form harmful blooms in lakes, ponds, and rivers that make the water murky, and can sometimes make the water look like pea soup or paint,” said the Boston Public Health Commission. “The current suspected bloom in Jamaica Pond appears like a dull green discoloration. Blue-green algae blooms can produce toxins that may make people and pets sick.”

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If you or your pet comes in contact with the water, health officials say rinse off immediately. Staff